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No Victims

Only Volunteers

aphrodite with attitude
4 June
" I am famous for several things, wit, money, and in my time, beauty - but never for my good nature." Anne Perry, Sing A Song of Sixpence
accepting, acting like a child, alphaville, anchovies, anne perry, art, artichokes, being, being friends with kids, being home, big purses, bjork, black lipstick, blankets, broccoli, butlers, cafes, cats, characters, cheese, cheesy 70's soft rock, cherry coke, city dwelling, classic rock, cloves, coldplay, concerts, concrete blonde, cooking, creative people, cuddling, dangly earrings, dark comedy, del taco, dogs, dresses, early 80's synth pop, education, england, faithless, family, fiction, films, fishnet gloves, florida, forgiveness, france, free stuff, french manicure, friends, frou frou, galleries, god, going with the flow, growing up, gwen stefani, hal, health insurance, hemp lotion, henry miller, hot tea, howard jones, human nature, independant film, intuitive intelligence, italy, jake gyllenhaal, japan, jean paul jeunet, john kennedy toole, johnny depp, jorgie, jude law, kieslowski, kissing, laughing, lavender, learning new things, lemony snicket, long hair, long natural nails, love, making peace, marilyn mei-ling chin, massive attack, minette walters, moderation, monkeys, motorcycle boots, ms.white, multiple baths, museums, mystery novels, natalie wood, new age christianity, new order, new wave, not summer, nylons, orgasms, oysters, painted toenails, palm trees, patrick mcgrath, paul banks, penetration, percussion, pillows, pj harvey, plants, play, poetry, post-punk, psychics, reading, respect, restaurants, salads, short skirts, short stories, sick sense of humor, simplify!, sleeping, smoking pot in bathroom, socialism, somethings gotta happen, sparks on the corner, sparring, spiritual evolution, steve buscemi, steve martin, stevie nicks, sting, suitcases full of money, super hot showers, tarentino, the desert, the killers, the ocean, theater, tool, tori amos, trance, trees, tricky, trip hop, vibes, warm colors, willy wonka, writing